Thursday, August 24, 2006


Thanks Marissa!!!

The Ultimate Orgy (via Newsground).

Definitely not safe for work. Butt very, very funny.


This put the happy back in my crappy day

Crap, I didn't think I would live long enough to find something stranger than Rubber Johnny. I was dead wrong.

Go to David LaChapelle's site and click on Elton John's Someone Saved My Life tonight video.

Wow. That made my day.

That video and the a conversation between two 70 year old veterans at lunch made a crappy day a happy day. We overheard one gentlemen exclaimed loudly to his friend, "Jimmy, the one thing I really miss ..... wet dreams." He then went on to describe his last remembered dream on a ship in his stint in the Navy during WWII. "Jimmy, ten weeks on a ship, no woman anyway, woo the dreams I had".

You can't pay for this caliber of entertainment.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Star Wars - The Confederate Version

Forget the 3-D remake of Star Wars - lets see the Confederate version. This Deliverance soundtrack would make the Luke and Leia kiss more appropriate, eh? (via The Trivia Geek)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Grand Theft Auto Like Coke Commercial

Great commercial! Thanks adverblog.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The In Laws are visiting....

2 weeks of in law fun. Help?


Comic Books for August 16th

Wow, I have been spoiling myself with weekly trips to Cambridge.

Picks of the week:

FELL #6: Another great issue from Ellis. All that web surfing and blogging is really boosting his range.
100 Bullets: It was a great issue to see the old story line in action. 100 untraceable bullets versus 1 problem.


BOYS #1: (pic to the side) It was worth the the $2.99 for page 7-8. Great art. The rest of the story line is old hat.
52 #15: I would have listed that under - who would have saw that coming. I can't say I'm not happy for see BG go. One caveat is the ease of the prison escape. I would think Black Adam would have better security.
NEXT WAVE #7: I like serious Ellis (Fell) and like sarcastic Ellis in Nextwave. Two great tastes that taste great together. "Oh my god, they explode, my life has taken on new meaning".
ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #32: This would have been my pick of the week if Fell wasn't in the line up. Great ending to Marvel Zombies. I loved seeing Mr Fantastic exploit Dr Doom's powers. Good writing and great art. I am sorry to see that Mark Millar is moving off the title.


CHECKMATE #5: I have been enjoying this new book. I am loving Greg Rucka. The Black Knight training was enjoyable.
CIVIL WAR X-MEN #2 : Not much to say. I could have left it. I remember the same story line in one of the Thunderbolts remakes: "Let's hide in an uninventoried Hulk Buster base".
SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #29 : Good use of the unmasking, Peter.
SHADOWPACT #4: Missed the third issue and needed to read it at Newbury Comics today. I hate when I miss an issue despite the subscription. Issue 4 was a stand alone. I missed the rest of the team in the story - it was all Blue Devil.
MANHUNTER #25 : This is a great, consistent read. Where is the title going though? What's with the wait until Fall.
RUNAWAYS #19 : Still good. Great grieving issue.

Could Have left behind:

CATWOMAN #58 : This might make the drop list.
ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR ANN.: I hate these Ultimate annuals so far. I feel like I was anally raped for the $3.99. And not in a good way. Crap!!!! Blood!!! ETC!!!
HELLBLAZER #223 : I could have left this on the shelf. Nothing thrilling. It's like the sex after a 15 year marriage. No spice, same old, same old.
ROBIN #153: Shit, I thought I had dropped this one last month. My quality control is slipping.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Comic Book Opinions for August 9

I was able to sneak into Cambridge and pick up this week's comics. Here are my quick and dirty opinions:

Pick of the week:

FABLES #52: Something wicked this way comes... This comic always delivers a great story.


52 #14 : I am still ejoying this comic. This week's was a filler; was like watching the hobbits walk between battles in the Rings trilogy.
GREEN ARROW #65: This is one of the few post-crisis storylines I have enjoyed. This issue had a great take on Ollie's political plans.
MAN CALLED KEV #2: MMMMM, Garth Ennis. I really miss Preacher.
ULTIMATE X-MEN #73: I enjoyed the Magician induced amnesia and X-Men ass whooping. Let's go Phoenix!!!!
SQUADRON SUPREME #6: I am on the fence with this one. I have enjoyed the pyschotic super heroes. The debriefing scene with Tom Thumb was worth the cover price.
CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE #5: The prison location for registration dodgers is worth the cover price on this. I have also enjoyed Speedball in jail.

Could have left behind: (lots of waiting for a storyline comments):

LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #209: Not too bad. Nice art. The storyline isn't that original, but that has been my beef with LODK for the last 24 issues.
MS MARVEL #6: MM is a sell-out!!!!!! Do I want to continue reading this? Can the book hold it together after the Civil War storyline?
SHE-HULK 2 #10: I liked the last few pages.
ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2: Yeah, yeah, Bendis misses the Marvel Knights books. Nice waste of an annual.
WOLVERINE ORIGINS #5 : Waiting for the story to start up...

Dropping from the mix:

HULK #97 : Brooding Hulk in another galatic system. Ho-Hum.

Friday, August 11, 2006


iGallop = iHump

My buddy Rich has renamed the iGallop to the more appropriate iHump.

Sheer genius.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Final iGallop post tonight

You must go to the Brookstone site and clcik on the "Launch the OSIM iGallop interactive demo" link. It is the east meets west meets sybian without the orgasm.

Have I said I am buying one of these tomorrow and filming videos at my house?


iGallup review on Amazon

AWSOME!, June 24, 2006

A Kid's Review

It might sound kinda funny... but this machine is a great tool for horseback riders (including myself). I don't own 1... but I tried it at Brookstone... and it was awsome. You can Trot, Canter, Race, and do a rotation of things circut. Then just ty a rope to the wall w/ a clip or nail, and ty stirrups. and you've got your very own horse in your house!

I've been slapped for lesser recommendations at my house...

I'm calling out of work and bringing my camcorder to the mall tomorrow.

The iGallop redux

Holy crap, I love the Japanese!!!!!!!!! I am so buying one of these for my daughter's birthday next month. This is only second to the vibrating Harry Potter broom that was discontinued.


I saw the iGallop at the local mall. It is marketed as a exercise thingie. It looks like a sybian. It was outside of the Brookstone's and all the adolescent girls were lined up to ride it. I couldn't look away and my daughter was one of the ones in line. These are straight from Japan. Check out the other YouTube iGallop videos or run to the mall!!!

Jack Links Messing with Sasquatch

Thanks to my cousin Marj for forwarding this gem.

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